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Spider-Man PS4 Kingpin Boss Battle Gameplay Video Leaked

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A leaked video of Spider-Man has appeared on Reddit, showing a boss battle against Kingpin, a character already confirmed by Insomniac in recent months and also present in the various promotional trailer of the game. However, we see it today in action for the first time ever.

The gameplay video shows Spider-Man (in classical costume) engaged in fighting with Kingpin and his gang of henchmen, at first it was thought that Wilson Fisk had a marginal role in the game compared to Mr. Negative (considered as the main villain).

This is the first time ever that Kingpin is shown “in action” in the new Spider-Man, until now, in fact, his presence has been limited to short extras in the previous trailer of the game. It is not clear where the video comes from, the author has made it known that he has tried a new demo in an unspecified situation, so we are waiting for more information about it.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 will be available from September 7, the same day will arrive in stores also the new PS4 and PS4 Pro Limited Edition in red with the Spider-Man logo, produced in the extremely limited edition.

Check the leaked video below

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