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Spider-Man PS4 Will Not Receive Playable Demo, Always Run At 30FPS and More

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A little while ago, through Twitter, Brian Intihar of Insomniac Games has revealed new information on Spider-Man, which we remember is expected to release on September 7 on PlayStation 4.

Just now, through some questions on his official Twitter account, Brian Intihar revealed that the new exclusive title of PlayStation 4, Spider-Man, will not receive a playable demo, thus chilling the chance to try the title before the purchase.

In addition, the leaderboard challenges will not have a ranking online while, as regards to the suits, the game will have a crafting system where we can create the various suits for the spiderman. In fact, it will be possible to collect materials around the game map so as to allow the creation of new suits.

Lastly, the creative director has confirmed once again that Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 Pro will always run at 30fps to encourage greater resolution.

Now, we just have to wait for the official release of the game, featuring the new adventure of Peter Parker, scheduled to release on September 7 exclusively on PS4.