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Spider-Man PS4 Box Art Almost Ready, New Gameplay Mechanics Details Revealed

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Today the Art Director of one of the most anticipated games of 2018 for PS4, Spider-Man, has released a couple of interesting details on Twitter that has never been discussed before.

Responding to some questions on Twitter, the Art Director of Spider-Man, Jacinda Chew, answered some questions from the players, revealing details on the box are and some gameplay mechanics.

On Twitter, Chew knows that one of the things she prefers is using spider webs to jump from building to building, a really fun gameplay mechanics, the web has been implemented in an incredibly realistic way according to the words of the Art Director.

Jacinda then says that the box art is getting finalized, the last details remain to be completed and then we will proceed to the vision and approval phase of the cover and of the promotional material.

Spider-Man would also be very close to launching around the world: the design director, Brian Horton, recently announced on Twitter that he “completed the game at least 3 times“. Considering that this new game dedicated to Spider-Man is an open world in GTA style, the things to do will be really a lot.

Remember that Spider-Man is still not given a release date, however, the game will arrive in 2018 exclusively on PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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