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Spider-Man PS4 Playtest Performed By Insomniac Games, Devs Comment On It

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Although Insomniac Games has been very discreet with the information about the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man, these last days they have made public that the game went into an internal testing phase and the developers linked to its creation already had an important approach with it.

Insomniac Games reported that today is the second day that the Marvel’s Spider-Man development team has been testing the new title. As part of the announcement, the studio presented an image in which you can see the game integrated into the user interface of PS4, which accounts for the progress it already has.

Although the level of development that Marvel’s Spider-Man has achieved has not been revealed, different creatives such as Dustin Brown, character artist and Gavin Goulden, head of character design, made mentions on their Twitter accounts in a positive sense.

Everything indicates that the development team of Marvel’s Spider-Man has started this year in a great way and they are quite motivated, proof of this is the publication of Jacinda Chew, art director, who revealed that Peter Parker’s bracelets were designed by an industrial designer in case some company is interested in manufacturing and launching them on the market.

Insomniac Games has also stressed that its presence at the GDC 2018 will not include the publication of unpublished material (rather, the studio will focus on his past work). Marvel’s Spider-Man will be an exclusive game for PS4 and is expected to arrive this year.