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Spider-Man for PS4 will arrive in 2018; first Gameplay Video revealed

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One of the strong cards of Sony in its conference of E3 2017 was Spider-Man, the title developed by Insomniac Games that will arrive exclusively for PlayStation 4.

At the conference, Sony showed us for the first time how the gameplay of this project looks. In it, Spider-Man has the agility and abilities that characterizes itself, so you’ll have to use the arachnid sense, the cobwebs and its agility to defeat enemies and navigate the world.

At the conference we saw a mission in which Spider-Man rescues a hostage from a group of criminals known as The Demons. It does not take long for things to get complicated, since these enemies have a powerful ally that will actually test Peter Parker. Fortunately, the hero takes advantage of some of the elements in the environment to gain some advantage in combat.

Bear in mind that not everything in the game is based on combat and also lets us see how we will take advantage of the abilities of Spidey to explore the city and escape a catastrophic accident involving a devastating ball. In the end, it all ends up in Parker saving the city in an epic way.

We must emphasize that, in the purest style of Marvel’s post-credit scenes, at the conference Sony showed a short video where we see that Miles Morales will appear in this installment. As you know, this guy from Brooklyn takes the role of Spider-Man after Peter Parker can not continue to do so, what will this mean for the story of the game?

As you saw at the end of the video, Spider-Man will arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018, did you like what you saw in the gameplay? Tell us in the comments below.

We know that a video is worth a thousand words, so we present the first gameplay video of Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 below: