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Spider-Man for PS4: Singleplayer only, 4-6 times the size of Sunset Overdrive and more details revealed

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Sony used E3 2017 to show the first gameplay of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. In the wake of this show, new Spider-Man PS4 details have been brought forward.

So we now know for sure that Spider-Man will be a single player game without multiplayer options. The game is largely open to explore, but there are some cinematic segments that will be included in the game which are linear. This open world title is about four to six times the size of Sunset Overdrive, another game of the developer Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man PS4 details about the story
You control Peter Parker in the game and there will be times when you control him without having his familiar outfit. The focus will be parallel and split between Peter and Spider-Man, but it is not known whether this applies only to the story or for complete gameplay. Spider-Man is 23 years old and has been Spider-Man for eight years with his superpowers. Everybody knows Spider-Man then, even though he is struggling with his confidence.

The scene showed at the end of the gameplay trailer which confirms Miles is also in the game. Insomniac Games has confirmed that this is indeed Miles Morales, the current Spider-Man in the comics. Miles will have a greater role in the game than just a cameo, but how this will be is not yet revealed. It was important for Marvel to include less familiar characters in the game, including Miles.

More information about the gameplay demo
About the gameplay demo it was told that in the final game you will play something different, but for the E3 the demo has been slightly modified. In the game next to the story, you will also be saving people, which is important to complete a mission properly. The Spider-Man in this game will not be able to kill anyone. Not even the bad guys like Kingpin and Mr. Negative.

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Swinging through the city will normally not be accompanied with quick time events. Only at times when you come across better cinematic, these will be used.

Below you can check the complete details revealed for the new Spider-Man game for PS4:

• The game is singleplayer only.
• The game is mostly open world, though there are some cinematic linear segments.
• The open world is 4-6 times the size of Sunset Overdrive.
• You won’t be killing anyone in the game.
• There will be a lot of gameplay and story segments where you play as Peter Parker going about his day instead of Spider-Man. • They say it will actually focus as much on Peter as it does on Spider-Man, but I don’t know if that statement just applies to the story, or to the gameplay segments as well.
• The mission from the gameplay demo will be a bit different in the final version. For example, they mention you save a lot more people in the actual game, and there are actually failure states, but for the purposes of the demo, they changed things up a bit.
• They note that Spider-Man is 23 in the game, and has been Spider-Man for eight years, so he’s pretty accomplished, though as you might have noticed in the trailer, far from 100% confident in himself.
• They confirm that Miles Morales was the guy at the end of the trailer. They won’t say if he’s playable, but they mentioned he’s there because they want to show this is a different kind of Spider-Man story.
• They also note that Miles’ role is much bigger than a cameo.
• Marvel noted that they want their games to help develop their less well known characters as well, and Insomniac mentioned that • Miles’ inclusion was also part of this initiative. Marvel had previously noted that they view diversity in gaming as extremely important, so there’s that factor as well.
• There will also be villains beyond Mr. Negative and Kingpin.
• They talk a bit more about the gadgets and how you can use things like tripwires on two people instead of just traditionally. • They’re trying to have a lot of combat options.
• In case it wasn’t obvious, this is not tied to any existing Spider-Man story.
• For the most neurotic fans, Insomniac assures that the white Spider-Man symbol is meaningful and has a purpose that’s explained in game.
• They also note that the web swinging isn’t normally QTE based, but that they use QTEs for cinematic moments.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 will release in 2018.

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