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Spider-Man for PS4 Features Ample Amount of Gadgets, Alternate Suits, and Sidequests

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Last week, PlayStation 4 users were excited about the wave of official information revealed about Marvel’s Spider-Man, including its release date. Since then, the opening of Insomniac Games has allowed us to know a lot of details about the title and this time it is the turn of gadgets, suits and secondary missions.

The revelation of official information of Marvel’s Spider-Man, that arrived via Game Informer, continues giving of what to speak and today some details were released that will feed the hype of the fans.

Initially, we have the gadgets that Spidey will have at his disposal to fight the enemies, which we can select in a wheel with gadgets and can be improved as we move forward. First, we have a Tripwire, which can be placed on any surface to catch the enemy and pull it until it hits; this device can also be launched at an enemy to catch the one closest to them and cause both to collide and suffer damage.

On the other hand, the hero of Marvel will have a Web Bomb, which when explodes will cover nearby enemies and give us the advantage to attack them. Also, we will have available the Spider-Drone, which can go to the enemy and impact it with cobwebs; it will also serve as a distraction device.

Now, in terms of suits, the report of GameInformer says that Insomniac has thought about satisfying the desire of the fans and the studio assured that there will be many suits available. In that sense, the development team presented the classic suit, which is what we have seen in the official videos and with which we will begin the adventure.

In turn, Spidy will have an advanced suit, designed by Insomniac, that has not been revealed and that we will arm as we progress in the adventure since its presence obeys the narrative and is not a simple aesthetic change. In addition, Marvel’s Spider-Man will present costumes present in comics, such as the Noir suit and the Spider-Punk, whose weapon will be a guitar that will damage enemies after playing a chord.

Finally, Insomniac revealed information about the side quests. As you know, the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man is huge and the development team has not only thought about the main missions that address the history of the title. The foregoing means that, as we move forward in the story, we will have the possibility to face the daily criminal incidents that may arise at any time.

The most interesting part of the side quests is that, in addition to being varied, they will have different outcomes and a robbery that has not been frustrated could lead to a persecution throughout the city. Also, we will have missions dictated by Taskmaster, one of the enemies of the arachnid hero and by Harry Osborn, the best friend of Peter Parker who, although not present in the city, has left research stations that will give us a while of distraction with some minigames.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will arrive on September 7 exclusively on PS4.