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Insomniac Games Confirms That Spider-Man Will Never Release on Xbox One

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Insomniac Games has revealed that Spider-Man will never be released on Xbox One. The studio revealed this via its official Twitter account, in response to a user who asked how long it would take before the title reached Microsoft’s console.

In short, it is clear that the agreement between Insomniac Games and Sony for the exclusivity of Spider-Man on PS4 is in total control and that the game will not reach the other platforms.

The editors of the prestigious GameInformer magazine recently had the opportunity to try out the game in the preview to share their impressions in the next issue of May, describing aspects of the game such as gameplay, the world, the main missions, optional activities and collectible.

Developers use the terms “speed,” “style,” “flow,” and “fluidity” to describe their goals for Spider-Man moves. Also in the video which is presented at the end of this news, the developers discuss about Spider-Man, although it is older and more refined, it is always a story that will see the character overcome the odds of winning his fight.

The thing does not end here: yes, Insomniac Games has also revealed that today we will finally know the release date. Some rumors already estimate that the game will arrive by the end of this spring.

Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive, announced during the Sony conference at E3 2016. The developers have confirmed that the game will offer an independent experience not directly linked to any Spider-Man movies.

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