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Phil Spencer: Services Like Xbox Game Pass Won’t Be the Standard of Distribution

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Xbox Game Pass is playing an important role these days. The rumors have not stopped untying around the Microsoft service; from the arrival of new games to the possibility of subscriptions other than those we have known to date.

This brings us to one question, what role can Xbox Game Pass play in Microsoft’s future? Judging that, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, spoke about the future of game distribution and its relationship with Xbox Game Pass in an interview with LevelUP.

Spencer considers services such as Xbox Game Pass or similar ones as a big mistake to become the main access for games for fans. In that sense, he said the following: “No, I think it’s a bad decision for the players. We have had a great growth with Game Pass, we have millions of subscribers, but even all the games that are in Game Pass, you can buy them. I love the idea that if you want to build a library of titles when you buy them, it’s a great way to do it. And if you want to grow your library through monthly subscription services, it’s also an excellent way to do it. I love the fact that you as players have that option on the platform.”

Later, Spencer talked about the best features of having Xbox Game Pass. “What I love about Game Pass is that people in the service are playing more titles before they were Game Pass subscribers. They are playing genres that they had not tried before (…) the games that enter the service have a significant increase in their number of players.”

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In recent news, it was confirmed that Xbox Game Pass service is also coming to the PC.