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Phil Spencer: Crackdown 3 Wait Won’t Be Too Long


Crackdown 3 is progressing as planned, says Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft. The company expects to make new announcements soon.

Responding to the question of a fan posted on Twitter, the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer has returned to talk about Crackdown 3, ensuring that in the near future more updates will be provided on the game. The wait will not be too long.

“We have a plan and team is locked in on their date. We will talk about it more upcoming but wait won’t be too long,” writes Phil Spencer on Twitter, answering the question of a fan who asked for some updates on the development of Crackdown 3.

Initially expected on Xbox One and PC on November 17, Crackdown 3 was finally delayed to the spring season of 2018. A news that sparked a bit of discontent, to which the same Phil Spencer had responded with a short tweet: “It’s always disappointing to move a date. We are very committed to shipping Crackdown 3 to the level of quality the fans deserve,” confirming the intention to perfect the last aspects of the project before launching the game on the market.

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Technologies trying to obtain hold of the market

Even Shannon Loftis, the General Manager of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing, observed that the announcement of Crackdown 3 perhaps came too early, underestimating the size of the project in respect of its ambitious features, like the one to lean on cloud computing to manage destructibility of environments.

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To learn more about the project, all that remains is to wait for the new announcements coming from Microsoft.

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