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Spelunky creator wants to make port on Nintendo Switch

A few years ago the popular Spelunky arrived in the market. However, the game has not stopped launching repeatedly over the past few seasons, reaching a number of platforms. This has made fans of the game wonder about the possibilities of seeing this title on Nintendo Switch in the future.

Derek Yu is definitely known for his title of Spelunky, an indie game that has appeared on various platforms now. This does not in any case prevented fans to clamor for a version of the title for the Nintendo switch console, so much that Yu has tweeted “something” that would let us hope about the arrival of a first project on the platform.

Through its official Twitter account, the creator of the game, Derek Yu, said he has received lots of requests to launch Spelunky on Switch and who is aware of the wishes of the fans. He added that he himself has a Nintendo Switch, which he thinks is an impressive platform and that “Getting lots of requests for Spelunky on Switch! I have a Switch, it’s awesome. Definitely want to put something on it.”

It was not immediately clear if the working title is just a conversion of Spelunky or – what is far more likely – a project from scratch. The only thing certain is that Yu was going to bring a title on Switch and this is in itself a very good news.

You can check it for yourselves in the tweet below:

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