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Space Force Teaser Out and Is Coming Soon on Netflix

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We all heard the US president Donald Trump proclaim that he wants to set up a Space Force. This statement of his was met with skepticism and scorn. This Space Force would be set up to protect American interests in space. This could also be a move to colonize space on a later date. Diplomats from around the world questioned this statement and tried to figure out the logic behind it. After all, it’s not every day the leader of a superpower announces the creation of a new military wing. That too, one related to the presence in space. Space Force is a comedy series that tries to explore what would happen if such a force was set up. Netflix released the Space Force Official teaser recently, check it out now:


Space Force Web Series

Space Force is a comedy web series that will premiere on Netflix on May 29, 2020. Greg Daniels and Steve Carell have created this series. Steve Carell himself stars in the show as a four-star general named General Mark R. Naird.  Apart from him, Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich, Tawny Newsome, and Diana Silvers also star in this show. General Mark R.

Naird is in charge of establishing the United States Space Force. This would be the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces. Naird and his team try to juggle the aspirations of the government while justifying their work to the people. Hilarity ensues when things don’t really go according to plan.

The Plot

General Mark R. Naird is a four-star general who was number two at the United States Air Force. It was his dream to command a service branch. Since the internet runs through the vulnerable satellites in space, they need to be protected. POTUS wants complete space dominance and that’s why the Space Force was being set up to achieve this. Naird himself chuckles at the idea of this space force. Until he is appraised of the fact that he would be the one running it. He can then be seen motivating his people and telling them that they have started off on a marvelous journey.

Naird tells everyone in his team the to achieve greatness there must be sacrifices. As it is later shown in the trailer, he was made in charge of the Space Force because people expected him to fail. He then sets off to train astronauts who will also be soldiers and become a part of the Space Force. Some people can be seen disagreeing with the idea of the Space Force. They think space should be a zone of wonder and not of conquest or death. Naird believes that scientists who follow logic and reason instead of orders are a liability and are not trustworthy. He sees a prototype blow up and asking his colleague how much it cost.

Naird even has to face a court in one of the scenes. The jury argues that the space force’s attitude was to hog money and militarize space. Naird seems to be under a lot of pressure. He is running and calling it walking. His daughter gets suspended from school. He then takes a 5-minute break in his office to distress. He then sings a funny song and dances along with it to relax.

Final Thoughts

Naird says that the US put a man on the moon 50 years ago and now it is time to go back. It remains to be seen what shenanigans he gets himself into while doing this. The Space Force Official teaser put out by Netflix was trending on YouTube soon after its launch.