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Sound the Buzzer: 4 Basketball Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

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Basketball is considered one of the greatest sports ever played and the most prominent subcultures of any sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re a player or a fan because basketball has come a long way from just a simple winter activity. Well, you can’t deny that basketball has changed many lives, and some of the world’s most popular brands built their legacy through basketballs. 

Despite the popularity, there are still people who don’t know about it. Although brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Rebook, and many more started because of basketball, many people still don’t see how this popular sport works. So set your game face, get your head in the game, and fill your thoughts with the following basketball facts. 


The Inventor of Basketball 

The one who invented basketball is the Canadian-American physical education instructor, James Naismith. In the year 1891, he created the game as a simple winter activity. He intended to keep the athletes preoccupied during the winter season. As you know, there aren’t a lot of outdoor activities during winter. Originally, basketball is known to be a less injury-prone activity compared to football. 

As years passed, basketballs has gained popularity through the YMCA (International Young Men’s Christian Association). This is actually one of the primary basketball facts you need to know. In just a short time, basketball has become a popular sport throughout the world. 

The Richest Basketball Player

The NBA (National Basketball Association) has brought countless players to their potential, resulting in the basketball superstars’ birth. There is a lot of basketball player who earned way much more than expected. He started as a rookie in 1984 and was named “rookie of the year” by 1985, Micheal Jordan hails as the wealthiest basketballs player ever. By February 2020, MJ’s net worth skyrocketed to $2.1 Billion. 

His career earnings were about $90 million in salary. But what makes him rich is because of his corporate partners, which got him about $1.4 Billion. In addition to that, the partnership he has with Nike gave birth to the Jordan Brand, which up to this day, is a famous sports brand. 

The Greatest Basketball Player of All Time

Fans have hailed various players as the greatest basketballs player of all time. Considering the skill and ability, there are also players for the same title. For example, Lebron James, who recently got his fourth NBA championship title, has been considered a challenger to the said title. In addition to that, there’s also Bill Russell, who holds the most NBA wins of all time. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain are also without question one of the greatest players to play the NBA. But, most basketballs fans have hailed the one and only Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time. MJ currently holds a total of five NBA’s most valuable player awards and six NBA championship titles. 

The Most Points Recorded in a Single Basketballs Game

A lot of NBA players are capable of scoring 40 points and above. In 2006, Kobe Bryant made history by putting up 81 points in the game against the Toronto raptors. But, the player who has the most points recorded in a single basketball game was Wilt Chamberlain. He garnered a total of 100 points on March 2, 1962, which resulted in a win against New York.  


Basketball, indeed, has changed the lives of many people. For those who don’t know anything about basketballs, well, there is so much to know than what you can imagine. This game has held its fame and reputation for decades. Up to this day, there are still a lot of people who wanted to excel in this sport.