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Rumor: Soul Calibur 6 Could Be Announced At PlayStation Experience 2017


With nothing officially revealed or announced, rumors have surfaced about the existence of Soul Calibur 6. The Bandai Namco fighting game is very much loved in the gamer community and has been very successful in the past. Yesterday night, a lot of information came out, but we still have to treat it as rumors. According to a post on the ResetEra, gaming forum derived from NeoGAF, the game will be unveiled in December.

Taking into account this month of revelation, we can imagine that the announcement happens on one of the following three dates. December 7th at the TGA (Game of the Year Award), day 8 or 9 during the PlayStation Experience or even on December 20th, which is when Soul Calibur turns 21 years of existence.

According to the same sources, Soul Calibur 6 would be unveiled last year, but problems in development prevented this from happening. However, Bandai Namco would have been able to implement the mechanics that it wants, now it has distinguished Soul Calibur 6 from the other games in the franchise and is ready to show the title to the public.

Rumors point to a story mode similar to what we saw in Tekken 7. New characters would be added and some guests would be part of the game. Among them, there are characters from Fire Emblem, the RPG game of Nintendo. Thus, Soul Calibur 6 would be released for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The sources say that there is still no release date information for Xbox One. That’s not to say that the Microsoft console would run out of its version of the game. However, it is strange that it did not appear on this list.

Even though in the past Soul Calibur was important to Sony and Nintendo platforms, so was to for Xbox. Leaving this great video game without an Xbox version would be a mistake. The only reason that would make this absence plausible is whether Sony or Nintendo are investing in the game’s creation or Tekken 7’s sale on Xbox was a complete failure for which Bandai Namco is not releasing the title on the Microsoft platform.