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Soul App Launched Just So Soul Institute to Provide Gen Z a Better “Soul”cial Metaverse

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Recently, the Just So Soul Institute attended the “2022 Social Metavserse Brand Sharing Conference” as its first official public appearance. Established by Soul App, a popular social platform, this institute researches users on Soul App to draw a group portrait of Gen Z in a diversified way, in support of broadening “Soul”cial Metaverse. Liang Xiao, executive director of the Just So Soul Institute, said that the establishment of this institute would help Soul App to better serve young people and timely take insight into the new wave of social development brought by Gen Z.

(Soul App’s 2022 Social Metavserse Brand Sharing Conference)

Continue to deepen and broaden the research, the Just So Soul Institute aspires to become an authoritative youth culture observation platform.

Though it just officially appeared in public for the first time, the Just So Soul Institute has already published some research reports successively, such as The Consumption Behavior Report of Gen Z in 11.11 Shopping Festival, A Guide to the Health Attitude of Post-90s and Social Report of Gen Z. These reports provide intellectual support for the public and commercial brands to better understand Gen Z.

The Consumption Behavior Report of Gen Z in the 11.11 Shopping Festival suggests that Gen Z is no longer blinded by the shopping spree atmosphere. They tend to be more rational. For instance, in 10 Gen Z consumers, there was at least one consumer who ordered health services for his/her parent, and at least one consumer who bought things for his/her children. These phenomena indicate that Gen Z pays increasing attention to family and friends. 

After noticing the increase of posts relevant to thermal underwear, the Just So Soul Institute immediately analyzed the behavior data of Soul users and published A Guide to the Health Attitude of Post-90s. This report shows that Gen Z believes staying up all night has higher possibility of causing health problem compare that of smoking or drinking. It arises the social awareness of the sleep status of Gen Zers. 

Cooperated with Taobao, the Just So Soul Institute jointly published The White Paper on Gen Z’s Camping Social Behavior. This paper focuses on camping, a new popular leisure choice among young people. It shows a more personalized side of Gen Z. For instance, these camping lovers usually are social butterflies. Dogs, especially the Shiba, are their favorite pets to bring during camping.

Liang Xiao said that early in 2019, Soul had published Social Report on Gen Z based on a user’s survey. Many of the survey results were different from the public’s imagination of young people. To some extent, this report helped the public to break the stereotype of Gen Z’s social preference. For instance, the report pointed out that Gen Z cared more about the same hobbies and interests than appearances when building social relationships.

Then Soul App decided to set up an enterprise think tank, that’s how the Just So Soul Institute was developed. “The Just So Soul Institute has its own mission. We hope it can empower us to capture the social and cultural evolution, improve the visibility of Gen Z in all fields of society, provide the latest and professional research results for the public and become an authoritative youth culture observation platform.” To achieve this goal, the Just So Soul Institute will continue to learn from experts and scholars to better understand Gen Z’s consumption behavior.

Shen Yang, a famous scholar, shared his research on metaverse. He is optimistic about the prospect of social metaverse.

It is noteworthy that this conference also invited Shen Yang, professor and doctoral advisor from School of Journalism & Communication, Tsinghua University. As an expert in metaverse, Prof.Shen delivered a speech on the theme of Research on Metaverse Development to help the public better understand the concept of metaverse.

In his opinion, metaverse is a new Internet application and social form integrating virtual and real reality based on various new technologies. Specifically, it provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, builds an economic system based on blockchain technology, and integrates the virtual world with the real world in the economic system, social system, identity and other fields, and allows every user to produce content and edit the world.

Prof.Shen believed that metaverse was still a developing and evolving concept. Different participants continue to enrich the meaning of metaverse in their own ways.

At the end of his speech, Prof.Shen also pointed out that the development of metaverse will gradually have more impact on personal life, “To better develop metaverse, we need to make good use of technology while giving more humanistic touch.”

Soul App is committed to creating a “Soul”cial Metaverse for young generations. It hopes users can exchange interests and views on the Soul freely and gain spiritual resonance. The establishment of Just So Soul Institute can not only show the behavior portraits of young users, but also help Soul App timely notice the new needs of Gen Z. While exploring diversified social ways, it also allows Gen Z to know more about itself, realize self-awareness and embrace surprises in social metaverse.