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Sony Teases Generational Transformation of Next-Gen and More

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We still do not know when the next PlayStation will arrive, which the media has chosen to name as PlayStation 5, however, Sony has been responsible for revealing little by little the technical details and the concept that encompasses what will be its next generation of hardware and the proposal it will have regarding gaming. Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment addressed some ideas that are shaping what is coming.

The report of SIE on the PlayStation brand and future plans addresses the concept they have planned for the next-generation console and, precisely, that word continues to matter for the company because it recognized that its idea regarding the generation of consoles has not changed and it is more than a simple update in terms of hardware. They will take advantage of the potential of new technology to create experiences that stand apart from what we play today. Likewise, SIE pointed out that the transition between generations of consoles, that is, from PS4 to PS5, will be fast and smooth as it never had been.

Later, SIE talked about their next hardware and said that they will offer stability in the environment so that developers can create their games and bring them to the console without difficulties. At the same time, the division took the opportunity to show the improvements that will be made in terms of performance, presuming the speed in loading information that will be achieved with the next PlayStation.

Along with these claims, the division of Sony confirmed the characteristics of the next PlayStation that were announced a few weeks ago, so it is a fact that the console will have a new CPU and GPU, it will not be simple updates, it will use a solid state disk, it will have backwards compatibility, it will adopt the technology of ray tracing, it will reach 8K, it will have support for disk and 3D audio.

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Finally, SIE said that its next gaming experience will seek to offer options to reach all types of audiences, which is why its hardware will maintain traditional elements, such as the presence of a reading unit, along with the possibility of downloading titles in digital format and the streaming services. In this way, SIE considers that its offer in terms of the gaming experience is designed to reach as many players as possible and not to limit itself to a niche.

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