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Sony Will Support Indie Developers at Tokyo Game Show 2018

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Several independent studios were able to attend the Tokyo Game Show 2017 thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The company sponsored the developers with the total payment of their stands for the event. Sony implemented this help program several years ago, which will be back by 2018.

Through a statement in the press release, the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association stated that Sony will once again help the indie industry during Tokyo Game Show 2018.

As in 2017, the event will feature Sense of Wonder Night, a celebration where new developers of the independent scene will have the opportunity to show their projects to the public.

Sony will be responsible for the sponsorship of this section, in addition to covering all the expenses of the developers chosen by the Tokyo Game Show management committee. Those selected will be able to obtain a space and a stand free of charge.

The support from Sony dates from 2015 and has remained constant throughout all these years. In 2017, the company invested close to $99,900 JYP, that is, $929 USD in the current exchange, for each studio chosen.

At the moment, there are not many details of the Tokyo Game Show 2018, but we know that it will take place from September 20 to 23 at Makuhari Messe, a convention center located in Chiba. According to the details, this year’s edition will seek to reach even more audience. This will be possible thanks to the celebration of a greater number of broadcasts and a greater diffusion of its programming.