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Sony schedules PlayStation Meeting on September 7, PS4 Neo possibly to be revealed

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Sony sent out invitations on Tuesday for an event on September 7 in New York City, a day after the rumors emerged that the tech giant will soon reveal details about the new version of the PlayStation 4. Coincidence? Probably not.

PlayStation Meeting

Although Sony did not confirm that the company will unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo console during that time, the location is set at the PlayStation theater in Times Square, in the center of the great sqaure.

Many players wished that PlayStation had submitted the most compact version of the PS4 with ultra high definition graphics on the occasion of the fair of E3 2016 games, but the manufacturer of consoles and video games publisher did not. This despite the fact that Andrew House, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, himself confirmed in June that the PS4 Neo console was on the way.

Xbox, meanwhile, did reveal the Xbox One S console and enticed the public with images from the bowels of Project Scorpio, which will be the ninth generation console unit of Microsoft but that just will not launch until the end of 2017. The Xbox One S went on sale on August 2.

Sony is warming up the water to prepare the public for the holiday season where it does not only want to sell the PS4 Neo but also their virtual reality headset PlayStation VR. These will go on sale on October 13.

The entire event of PlayStation Meeting is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. EST, 12 p.m. Pacific Time on September 7.

PS4 NEO is said to be more powerful and therefore, besides running 4K video, it will provide better performance. However, it seems that the new games that comes out for this console will be also compatible with the original PS4.