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Sony Registers A New Patent of Backward Compatibility

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In terms of image and communication, Microsoft has done a good job by announcing the arrival of backward compatibility on Xbox One. Sony, which does not offer it on PS4, knows it very well. And obviously, the Japanese manufacturer will not be content with the status quo.

The insider Tidux shared on Twitter a patent recently registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment America and apparently designed by Mark Cerny, responsible for the architecture of PlayStation 4.

The patent in question is not very clear at the moment but it seems that Sony is willing to implement the backward compatibility in the future, not necessarily on PlayStation 4. Some theories would suggest the patent related to PlayStation 5, the next console of the Japanese company may be backward compatible with PS4 games but it is not excluded that SIE can offer the possibility of running the PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

The scenarios are many, the certainties very few, the only one concerns the existence of the patent recently registered at the US patent office.

In recent news, Sony has recently announced an internal reorganization that will hit all the world divisions of PlayStation, with the aim of optimizing the development and production of AAA First Party games.

What do you think about it? Have you already got an idea about it?

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