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Sony: PSN Reaches 94 Million Active Users Monthly, PS Plus Has 36 Million Subscribers

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In addition to the PlayStation 5 and current games for the PS4, Sony also talked about the PlayStation Network (PSN) on its 2019 IR Day, which has become one of the company’s main pillars.

As confirmed by Sony, there are now 94 million active users per month on PlayStation Network, while more than 90 percent of all consoles sold last year have connected to PSN. The premium service of PlayStation Plus, meanwhile, has 36 million subscribers.

The associated streaming service of PlayStation Now also recorded growth and is now installed on 70 percent of all PS4 consoles. It operates from 15 data centers worldwide, 37 Network POPs and is available in 19 countries. In total, the PlayStation Now library now includes 780 titles from 170 publishers.

Nevertheless, Sony would like to apologize for the fact that the service is rolled out rather slowly, which has the background, that it also wants to offer a real PlayStation experience and not hastily throws everything on the market.

The mid-term goals for PlayStation Now are currently resolutions in excess of 1080p, the ability to extend service beyond consoles, support existing capacity, and improve marketing. Currently, you can provide up to 5 million users with PlayStation Now, of which, however, only 700,000 really make use.

Regarding the consumer, it is said that users played 21 hours a week on average last year and have spent an average of $700 since acquiring a PS4. If we consider since the console was released, that value rises to $1,600. Finally, new users have spent more than $20 billion on the PS Store in the past year.

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