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Sony: PS5 Announcement Is Slowing Down PS4 Sales

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In the past few hours, Sony has officially revealed that its PS4 has crossed the frontier of the 100 million units distributed since its launch – and it did it faster than the record holder, PlayStation 2. It does not mean that the console has lived up to the expectations of the producer: according to Sony, indeed, its gaming flagship would have had performance “slightly below” expectations that had been set for the fourth quarter that went from April to last June, due to the announcement of PS5.

The reason for this slight slowness? According to Sony, it could be traced precisely to the fact that it has been confirmed that work is underway on PS5. Some users, in short, would have decided to wait for the next hardware, which should arrive next year, instead of bringing home a PS4 now – which, moreover, will probably cost less when there is on the market.

Recall that, in reality, Sony has not announced PS5: it has simply made it known that work is underway on a next-gen console of which, at the moment, it has not even formalized the name. Among its objectives, to renew the sound experience of gaming, the console will reach 8K and make loading times a thing of the past.

Due to the slowdown in sales, Sony has also revised its expectations for the fiscal year down: it no longer expects to distribute 16 million PS4, but 15 million. This is, however, a remarkable achievement, if we consider that the console would have a little less than seven years (and the seventh year is usually the one at the end of the cycle) at the end of the fiscal year.

We look forward to more details and rumors about the future of PlayStation.