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Sony Promotes A Parody Trailer of Dog of War

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Today is finally the big day: as Sony Santa Monica releases in the store shelves God of War, the highly anticipated new chapter of the saga of Kratos as well as one of the most exclusive titles of Sony. Everything has been said about the game; including reviews and guides.

But is this really what we gamers need? According to PlayStation UK, no, not really. To promote the release of the title, the Twitter account of the British division of PlayStation has thought of something slightly unusual, out of the box, an idea that will surely be able to capture the attention of the players. And if instead of Kratos and Atreus, which we know all too well, there were some little dogs?

This could be the inspiration that will bring the God of War to success; Dog of War, the new promo produced by the marketing division of the company, where instead of the God of War and his son there are bloody and at the same time adorable puppies. Because, as mentioned in the video, sometimes four legs are better than two.

After years leading a life of dogs in the shadow of the gods, Kratos must take a step forward and adapt to unknown kennels, you can read in the description of the video. Together with his son Atreus he will tour the kingdom of Muttgard … and will fight to live up to this powerful personal title. And canine. This doggy version of Kratos is accompanied, even by his son Atreus.

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What do you think of this initiative? Do you find it nice or do you prefer a different type of advertising, more serious and professional, perhaps in line with the mythological character for which the title is permeated? Tell us in the comments below.

Meanwhile check out the parody video below.

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