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Sony: PlayStation VR does not work well with bright lights and mirrors

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In an update of the Frequently Asked Questions of PlayStation VR, Sony has shared important information about the operation of the virtual reality headset. According to the company, the bright lights, mirrors or shiny surface that is around you could interfere with the captures that makes the camera to track the movement of users.

PlayStation VR

This information is not only important for players, so is for developers who want to demonstrate their games, and Sony explained that this is because the camera tracks the PlayStation LEDs bulbs that are on the device.

Just yesterday, Sony shared 2 video tutorials which explain how to properly install the PlayStation VR and how to condition the space in which you play with the device. Do not miss these tutorials on this link.

PlayStation VR will arrive in the US on October 13, in a couple of days; however, in Latin America still they have to wait a little longer: for their official debut is scheduled for the next fiscal year in their region.

In recent news, Sony has released a new trailer that allows us to look at the different games that will be available from launch day. The new promotional video of the Virtual Reality of PS4 combining live action with gameplay sequences has some of the first games of PS VR such as Headmaster, Battlezone, PlayStation VR Worlds, Driveclub VR, Batman Arkham VR and Until Dawn Rush of Blood. In addition, the new trailer for PlayStation VR also shows us some future games that will come to Sony device, such as Resident Evil 7 VR and Robinson The Journey.