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Sony CEO: PlayStation’s Vision Is Totally Different Compared To “Games As A Service” Issue

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In the last hours, John Kodera, the new president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, opened his Twitter profile and took the opportunity to answer the first questions of the PlayStation players.

In particular, responding to a question of the Twitter user Mystifizor, the successor of Andrew House made it known that: PlayStation follows a different path compared to that of Games as a Service, a direction taken by many publishers in recent times.

The vision of Sony, as Kodera assures, is totally different, the company’s goal is to make PlayStation “The Best Place to Play”, a safe and welcoming home for all gamers.

The company will continue to offer great experience in line with the needs of the public, the new CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has closed up reassuring the players for the success of PlayStation during the Christmas season, during which 5.9 million PS4 consoles were sold.