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Sony: PlayStation 4 Pro and PS VR “continue to sell well”

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During the last conference to explain the financial results of the last fiscal year, the CFO of Sony Corporation has revealed that the company is satisfied with the pace of sales of PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro.

These are the words of Kenichiro Yoshida: “PS VR and PS4 Pro, which went on sale last fall, both continue to sell well, which demonstrates the achievements we made when launching new products in fiscal 16.”

Positive were also the results for PlayStation 4, although according to Yoshida the console is now close to reaching its peak: “Three and a half years have passed since the launch of PS4, and we expect annual unit sales in fiscal 17 to decrease year-on-year to 18 million units, but some major software titles are scheduled to be launched, and we believe we are in the harvest phase of the platform.”

“This is the fourth year since launch for PS4, and the peak for the past platforms came three or four years after the launch, and PS4 should not be an exception in our view, but if sold units reach 18 million this year, the cumulative number would be 78 million, so we need to capitalize and leverage on this base for software sales. We need to promote the software business and network business so that we can expand the profits.”

“For hardware, according to the normal cycle, the peak will be this or the next year. For profit and software, the peak will come according to the conventional cycle, and we don’t feel that there will be a major diversion from this trend. For software, this is the season for harvest, and we would like to promote a steady business going forward.”

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“With the growth of network services, this is different from past business practices, and console cycles in the past. We cannot eliminate volatility, but after the peak, volatility of performance should be minimized to stabilize the profit foundation.”

You can read the full earnings report of Sony from here.

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