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Sony: We Do Not See Big Potential In The Handheld Market

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During an interview with Bloomberg Japan, Sony’s Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House said that the company has no intention of creating a hybrid (or portable) console to compete on the same ground as the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4 is a big hit and Sony is doing very well in the West with its consoles but Nintendo also seems to have come back in great shape thanks to the success of Switch.

Sony’s Interactive Entertainment CEO, Andrew House, firmly believes in the road ahead of PlayStation 4 and explained that the company he is working on has no intention of making anything similar to what Nintendo does.

“The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device, thus it has a completely different strategy from the PlayStation. We are focusing our attention on making products that can be played in the living room. We do not see big potential in the handheld market,” says the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to statements of Andrew House, the PlayStation division has no plan to counter Nintendo on the side of the hybrid/portable consoles, as the focus of the company is entirely focused on the living room.

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