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Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Get 30 Days To Remove Warranty-Voiding Stickers By FTC

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Last month it was reported that the Federal Trade Commission of the United States (FTC) had sent letters to some companies to notify them that one of their practices had been considered illegal because it represented a violation of consumer rights. Although at that time the name of the companies was not known, the data of the letters referred to the policies of Sony and Nintendo. Now, the information has been expanded and there are interesting details.

The Motherboard research team had access to the letters that the FTC sent to the companies indicated by this type of practices and revealed that the agency notified Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Hyundai, HTC and Asus to expose the situation and give them a deadline 30 days to remove the seals that cover some part of their products where they indicate that in case of removing it or damaging it, the guarantee will be without effect.

As you know, the consoles of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have a guarantee seal that covers, in most of them, a screw, which prevents a user from opening the product if they want to keep its guarantee in force.

According to the FTC, the fact that the consoles have a security seal on which a guarantee depends represents an illegal act that operates against the provisions defined in the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Law, which has been in force since 1975.

For that reason, the agency notified the companies and gave them 30 days to remove these types of stickers and thus ensure that the next shipment of consoles that goes on the market in the US does not have them. It is important to mention that the FTC has made it clear that if the companies do not comply with the provision it will take the pertinent legal actions.

So far, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have not responded officially to this situation and it is expected that in the next few days they will launch a statement that expresses their position.