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Sony Launches New PS4 Model CUH-2200


Sony Interactive Entertainment begins to sell in Japan a new model of the current PS4 Slim, a small hardware upgrade that will replace the previous CUH-2100 model with CUH-2200.

As it has happened in previous generations of consoles, the manufacture of the same ones responds to the technological advancements and of the different processes that intervene in its manufacture. In the case of PlayStation, every time new revisions are released and this time the Japanese market has received the new model of PlayStation 4 in its 3 basic editions.

According to a report, the PlayStation online store in Japan released a new revision of the basic editions of PS4 in that market, which will now belong to the CUH-2200 model, replacing the CUH-2100.

The editions in question are the PS4 500 GB Jet Black, which will now have the model number CUH-2200AB01; the PS4 1TB Jet Black, with number CUH-2200BB01 and the PS4 1TB Glacier White, which will now be the model CUH-2200BB02.

As the code of the model indicates, the change is only reflected in the second number, so it is not an important revision, which means that the changes occurred in terms of hardware with some pieces or circuits updated within the process of manufacturing. Also, the content of each package and its price remains unchanged.

Although the new revision of PS4 has only been launched in the Japanese market, it is expected that in the coming months and gradually, it will replace the CUH-2100 model in the world markets.

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