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Sony Launches My PlayStation, PSN Web Version for PCs, Smartphones and Tablets

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Sony launches a new modernization initiative for its PlayStation product series with the launch of My PlayStation, a new way to manage its company’s video game division accounts.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has launched the portal of My PlayStation, a web portal accessible from PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet that offers the same features of the PlayStation Network, usable through any browser.

At the time of writing, the My PlayStation announcement is only available on the Japanese PlayStation Blog but the service is also available in most of the European countries, with full support for our country’s accounts. Once logged in, you can view the profile, manage friend requests, view the trophy list and more.

Just start PSN account – or be connected to the account in PS Store web – to see the total and connected friends, send invitations from friends and accept the received, the summary of trophies achieved or change the avatar and information that is shown on this tab.

The goal of Sony is to add in My PlayStation to all the features of the Sony Entertainment Network, so as to allow players free access to various options from any browser. We look forward to learn more about this interesting service.

The blog informs that in the future SEN account management will be integrated into My PlayStation.