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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Devs Tease New Games and Projects for 2018

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The Japanese site 4Gamer interviewed several members of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan & Asia to ask them for the 2018 resolutions. In particular, an in-depth analysis of the developers of the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment is present on the projects currently underway and what could emerge in the course of 2018.

In that sense, the Producer of Bloodborne, Teruyuki Toriyama, reported that in 2018 he would like to face new challenges with a particularly ambitious game, a project currently in the concept phase.

The director of Gravity Rush, Keiichiro Toyama, said that he will be fully at work on the first stages of development for a new title, of which we probably will not know anything yet in the course of 2018, however.

The game designer Takamitsu Ijima, who worked on the Knack series, explained that 2018 will be a year of preparation for him too, which will lead him to work on new challenges but for which there is no information to be disseminated for the time being.

Finally, the producer Kentaro Motomura, who worked at Everybody’s Golf, reported that in 2018 more information will be released on the new mobile title of the Wild Arms series which is currently under development.