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Sony is working on ‘PlayStation 4.5’ for 4K gaming

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A new PlayStation 4.5 more powerful, able to run games without any problems at 4K resolution is being developed by Sony. This information comes from the website Kotaku citing developers who were informed of this ongoing development. This new evolution of console or PlayStation 4 is called internally as PlayStation 4.5, but there is no indication what is the final name.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot
PlayStation 4 Screenshot

The upgrade would essentially concern the part of hardware that is concerned with the graphics, to allow the device to reach the objective of 4K, four times the size of 1080p to which PlayStation 4 is currently unable to operate. The second objective of updating/changing the PlayStation 4 is the arrival of the virtual reality headset from Sony, the PlayStation VR, this fall. Thus the new PlayStation would be better equipped to defend themselves against the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive and others that might happen.

During the GDC 2016, AMD has made ​​headlines showing Polaris 11, a new GPU architecture capable of impressing with content in virtual reality played right at 4K resolution. The inclusion of a component like this in a console is certainly a fascinating prospect, however, in contrast with market laws.

It seems unlikely that even after three years the PlayStation 4 owners might want to make a new purchase: Sony could indeed be confronted with a series of hot controversy. Imagine for example the case in which the games were to be developed exclusively for PlayStation 4.5, leaving the owners of the last model empty-handed.