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Sony has photoshopped Anthem’s gameplay video and hosted it on PlayStation YouTube channel

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently published the gameplay trailer of Anthem (though called Teaser Trailer) seen at E3 2017 in Los Angeles on the YouTube channel of PlayStation. So far, nothing is unusual, if not for one small detail reported by the website ICXM.

For the uninitiated, Sony has just published on the official YouTube channel of the PlayStation a gameplay trailer of Anthem that we have already seen at the E3 2017, but, according to reports from the website ICXM, there has been revealed an interesting detail from the video.

The footage in question seems to be the one that was based on the version for Xbox One X, starting from the minutes 3:39 in the video published at the end of this article, however, you can see the layout of the modified Xbox controller buttons with the buttons of the DualShock 4. You can see the details published in the image above.

In all likelihood, the publisher Electronic Arts (or perhaps an outside company that deals with the communication between the two sides) has provided the video of Anthem already edited in Sony Interactive Entertainment for publishing on PlayStation YouTube channel, with a more thorough check by both companies you would probably have avoided what looks like a simple mistake during editing, montage, and publishing of the material.