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Sony has no plans to release a new advanced version of PlayStation VR

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Since the launch of the first PlayStation, Sony has always offered, after a certain period of time, a revised version of its gaming platforms, that it was just a question of restructuring in terms of design and aesthetics or even hardware configuration (as in the latest case of PlayStation 4 Pro).

According to the president of Sony Worldwide Studios Entertainment, PS VR does not need new versions, at least in the coming months.

Sony, as generally even Microsoft, is used to produce different versions of the same platform over its years. The PS4 Slim version, Elite versions and so on. Occasionally, these publishers, in fact, seek a kind of aesthetic rearrangement of the console in order to improve it.

PS VR is a Sony device which could safely be part of this logic, so it should not surprise you to know to find a new version of the device in the coming months, but according to Shuhei Yoshida, this will not happen.

According to the words of Shuhei Yoshida, however, the same thing will not happen with PlayStation VR, viewer launched last October by the Japanese house. Being completely optimized for PlayStation 4 – specifies the president of Sony Worldwide Studios Entertainment – there is no reason to think about a different version of the device.

During E3 2017, Sony has also announced new games for PlayStation VR during the conference held by the company in recent days in Los Angeles.