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Sony: Google Stadia Won’t Be A Serious Competitor for PlayStation 5

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The future market entry of gaming consoles of Google has practically shocked everyone. Google Stadia promises to revolutionize the gaming world as we know it, thanks to a streaming solution that will allow us to play virtually any title remotely, without a real hardware in our possession. A possibility that, impossible to deny it, has captivated much of the community.

But not everyone sees such a high potential in Stadia and, indeed, for many, Google’s streaming gaming solution will prove to be a real fiasco. Among the rumors that support this thesis, and that fail to see Google Stadia as a fierce competitor, there is one, in particular, to stand out among the others. Not to believe too much in the solution of the American giant, at least in the short time, is, in fact, no one other than the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida.

According to Yoshida, in fact, the future PlayStation 5 should not fear competition from Google Stadia for a very simple reason: nowadays not everyone has a good network connection and, consequently, traditional consoles are still a necessity for many users.

This does not mean however that for Sony the Google Stadia will never be a competitor of weight in the sector but rather that this role will be covered by the Mountain View giant only in the medium-long term and not in the short term. Therefore, for PlayStation 5, Google Stadia will not be a serious competitor, according to Yoshida.

What do you think of CEO Kenichiro Yoshida’s statements, do you really believe that PS5 shouldn’t have any problem with Google Stadia? Do you think the barriers are still high for such a technology? Tell us about your opinions in the comments below.