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Sony Fined 2 Million Euros by Antitrust for Misleading Info on PS4


Among the reasons for the fine, there is scarce information on the packaging of the PS4 console, as well as those related to the costs to be incurred to play online.

The Antitrust has imposed a fine of 2 million euros to Sony for unfair commercial practices related to the sale and advertising of the PlayStation 4. To trigger the sanction of the Italian Antitrust Authority there is too little information reported on the console packaging, as well as those indicated on the official store to buy online and those related to the costs that users must support to play online with other fans.

As stated in the weekly bulletin released by the Antitrust Authority, Sony has carried out a conduct “likely to mislead consumers” due to the “lack of information” provided both on the PlayStation 4 packaging and during the video game purchase process through the web portal of PlayStation Store, “in order to a relevant element of the characteristics of the products, concerning the need to subscribe to a paid subscription to use the console and video games in online multiplayer mode.”

The prominent position on the market held by Sony offers the company “a high offensive potential also because it affects an important element of consumer choice.” The Authority also recalls how the wrong conduct “was put in place on the one hand with the PlayStation 4 console, through the large electronic distribution and stores specialized in video games, and, with reference to video games purchased on the PlayStation Store, also via Internet and through the tools provided by the Sony Group for the console and smartphones, thus reaching all consumers located on the Italian territory.”

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Finally, the practice that led the multinational to receive the penalty “was put in place for a long period of time, and in particular, since November 2013, the date of the introduction in Italy of the PlayStation 4.”

At the moment, Sony has not commented on the news, so we are waiting for any communications from the company.

Source: Translated from AGCM.IT

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