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Sony: Few developers will use the full potential of Xbox One X

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Microsoft introduced Xbox One X as the most powerful console on the market today and the only one that will give us a real 4K gaming experience. Not surprisingly, the company based its advertising campaign on showing us the potential of the console and detailed its technical specifications. Recently, Phil Spencer stated that its new system does not seek to compete with PlayStation 4 Pro, as the Sony console is closer to Xbox One S in terms of potential and target audience.

Faced with the fact that the Xbox One X infrastructure exceeds that of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Jim Ryan, global sales manager for PlayStation, gave his point of view. Ryan said that few developers will be able to take advantage of the extra potential of the new Microsoft console.

To explain his point of view, he went back to the generation of PlayStation 3: “What I would do is cast our minds back to the PS3 generation, where we had on paper more impressive specifications than our competition, and in some areas by quite a considerable margin. What happened was that developers, maybe at the behest of publishers, developed up to the lowest common denominator and stopped there. And in very few cases took advantage of the additional horsepower of the PS3.”

Jim Ryan also mentioned that he may be wrong, because the story does not always repeat itself and added: “But if you’re a publisher of video games, that is a perfectly commercially rational approach for you to take. Because you only do one set of work,” Ryan finished.

It will be until next November 7 when we will know if developers can take advantage of the potential of Xbox One X, which will hit the market costing at $499 USD.

What do you think of Ryan’s words? Do you think he’s right? Share your point of view in the comments below.