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Sony explains how to install the PlayStation VR


While patiently waiting for its official arrival to Latin America or you will do everything to get it before the end of the year, it is important to know how to install the PlayStation VR. To have no doubt in the process, Sony explains in a video tutorial all the steps you must follow to configure the virtual reality device.


The first video of this series is the unboxing we showed you a few days ago. So the second part is where things get more interesting: there we will see how to connect all the cables. You see, the processing unit must be connected to a TV and PlayStation 4 via HDMI; likewise you’ll need to connect it to one of the inputs of USB ports on your console and electric current.

Finally, the third video released by Sony shows us how to organize our room for proper operation of the VR device. The tutorial notes that you need to have a play area of 5 square meters and keep your pets away while enjoying the experience of virtual reality.

Without further ado I leave you with the series of videos that Sony has shared below:

PlayStation VR will arrive in the US on October 13 and its official debut in Latin America will be until the next fiscal year. The virtual reality device will be available in a bundle for $499 which includes the camera and controller needed to use it.