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Sony Wants Days Gone to Become a Franchise

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Days Gone, the new game of Bend Studio will release on April 26, and could receive sequels if it gets enough success.

Sony has launched, or will soon, new games that will become franchises depending on their success. It is expected to be for example the case of Horizon: Zero Dawn and it could also be Days Gone, the new game of Bend Studio that will release this April 24th.

A representative of Sony has commented during a recent promotional event of Days Gone on the possibility of this game becoming a single project or with the potential to become a saga that would be “a franchise.” The representative also said that “the goal is always to make a game that appeals to people and want more.”

While we’re waiting for the new releases of PS4 (Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding), Days Gone is going to be Sony’s most important and expected title in this first half of 2019, and so we have been able to verify that it is not going to disappoint the players.

Days Gone is an action adventure game in the open world with zombies and elements of survival that will delight lovers of this type of game, and that will catch many people off guard and will surprise you with its proposal.

We have to wait until this April 26, at which time the game will go on sale and you can know for sure the reception that it has counted. The responsibility of being the first major exclusive of PlayStation 4 in 2019 may be high, but for Bend Studios it is a challenge that they are happy to face.