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Sony confirms the PlayStation 4 Slim

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Sony PlayStation Meeting started its lecture with the official announcement of PlayStation 4 Slim. Anyone who followed the rumors on internet have already seen the machine since a while back, but now it’s official.

PS4 Slim 3

The PlayStation Meeting of New York began without too many surprises. After filtering out for weeks, PlayStation 4 Slim has proven to be real and was the first news carried out at the event by Andrew House.

The company president, Andrew House, took the stage to confirm that a new version of PS4 will be available in the “major part of the markets” from September 15. This model thus will be the new standard console, progressively replacing the current on the store shelves.

The console will cost $299 USD and, as pointed by the rumors, will have the same characteristics as the original model, but will have a slimmer design. The new model has as expected very rounded edges, size and a low weight compared to the original model. The only negative part is that Slim lacks an optical input, if there is something that you use.

In terms of functionality it does not change, only the controller design is copied. The new DualShock 4 received a redesigned light bar, which is placed on top of the controller.

In addition, a release date was announced, the new and more efficient PlayStation 4 Slim will be available in most of the territories from September 15

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