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Sony Confirms PS5 Players Will Be Able To Play Online With PS4 Players

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PS5 is a project still shrouded in mystery, although Mark Cerny has begun to reveal some of its features. We know for sure, however, that backwards compatibility will be a fundamental element of the new console: the strategy of the Japanese company, in fact, is to make the transition as smooth and light as possible. In practice, they do not want to repeat what happened with PS3 and PS4, where the complete change of architecture has made the generational shift much clearer.

Now, we discover that backwards compatibility brings with it an obvious feature, but that it’s always good to see confirmed: via PlayStation 5 it will be possible to play online with PlayStation 4 owners. In the event that a part of your group of friends decides to switch to the new Sony console, there will be no restrictions of any kind and you can continue to share your gaming sessions with the games you already own.

This, especially with regard to free to play games like Fortnite, will allow not only to not “abandon” the users who have faithfully supported PS4 for years but will ensure that the PS5 early adopters already have a community to play with.

This is an extremely important detail and could really help the PS5 to achieve rapid success. Sony, in this generation, has quickly become the console market leader, given that Microsoft has undergone a troubled departure due to bad communication and since Nintendo is a “late-comer” (but it is getting more and more success, especially in Japan).

The backward compatibility and the “cross-generation play” will, therefore, be fundamental components to convince the public to switch to the new console. Tell us, will it be for you too? Or are you not interested in backwards compatibility?