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Sony CEO: PlayStation and Xbox Will Still Remain Opponents

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Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to face the future of streaming and that means they are working together on some key-based cloud technologies. But according to the PlayStation boss, Jim Ryan, this partnership does not mean that there will be a future where PlayStation and Xbox will merge into a single platform, according to reports.

Speaking with the Financial Times, Ryan discussed a bit about the “strategic partnership” deal that Sony and Microsoft signed last month. Thanks to the agreement, Sony will explore ways to incorporate Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, including in areas such as hardware and gaming.

However, Ryan states that this partnership will not lead to a sort of merger of different platforms. “There is to my knowledge… no scenario where the PlayStation and Xbox platforms combine,” Ryan said. “The two platforms will remain separate with their own separate identities and brands and fans.”

The partnership between Sony and Microsoft was seen as a way for Sony to strengthen its PlayStation Now streaming service, which was one of the first video game streaming services. PlayStation Now failed to attract due to technical difficulties and a lackluster library. Working with Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology could bridge the gap between PlayStation Now and the upcoming Google Stadia streaming platform.

With streaming becoming an increasingly popular trend in video games, Ryan says that PlayStation sees a new opportunity with PlayStation Now. “We are getting more confident with the [PlayStation Now] service and we are really going to start to push it hard this year and the year to follow.”

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Ryan says Sony has solved the technical problems with PlayStation Now and will “work a little harder on the content proposition.” The partnership with Azure would also allow Sony to access multiple data centers to provide the streaming service.

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