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Sony CEO does not comment on the speculation about PS4 Pro Slim and PlayStation 5

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During the last meeting with shareholders, the CEO of Sony Corporation, Kaz Hirai, reaffirmed the excellent results of the PlayStation brand and reiterated that PlayStation 4 is expected to achieve the quota of 78 million units shipped by March 31, 2018. The president, however, declined any questions about a possible new Sony console.

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In the last few hours a meeting addressed to Sony’s shareholders was held in Tokyo and, during the meeting, those present inquired about the alleged rumors about the PS4 Pro Slim (due out in late 2017 to counter Xbox Scorpio) and PS5 (2018).

The CEO of Sony, Kaz Hirai, however, has declined all requests and reiterated that the company will strive to grow the PlayStation brand and, by the end of the fiscal year, PS4 is expected to reach 78 million units sold.

Hirai did not answer questions from analysts who demanded rumors regarding revelation of a new Sony console, for a long time that we have talked about PlayStation 5 (according to some analysts that is coming in 2018) and of a Slim version of PlayStation 4 Pro which could be ready even for Christmas, so we have new hardware on the shelves simultaneously with Project Scorpio.

The CEO of the company declined any comment on the matter, stating that Sony is committed to grow the PlayStation brand, and in 2017 many new games will come for PS4 and PlayStation VR.


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