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Sony Blacklisted Le Monde’s Journalist Who Reported on Quantic Dream’s Scandal (Update)

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Update: According to the journalist, a PR manager of Sony has sent him a text message stating that he has not been blacklisted by Sony.

Original: Only a few hours have passed since the Quantic Dream case broke out, but the first repercussions were not long in coming.

According to William Audureau, a journalist at Le Monde, Sony would have included him in its blacklist, thus preventing him from receiving communications on its titles as well as game codes and copies for any future reviews. You can see his complaint published in the tweet at the bottom of our news. Obviously, this would include the upcoming Detroit: Become Human.

During the last hours, a  case of Quantic Dream was brought forward: the software house led by David Cage was accused by some former (anonymous) members of reserving a toxic and harmful workplace for his employees.

The answer of Quantic Dream was not long in coming: the French software house vigorously rejected the accusations mentioned above, announcing that they wanted to face a legal battle.

So, now comes a further twist: the journalist of Le Mond, William Audureau, who first put the news in the spotlight, is apparently blacklisted by Sony. Audureau can not henceforth receive more information or review codes for the Quantic Dream games, and consequently will not be able to roll out the Detroit: Become Human review. The decision of Sony is witnessed by the same journalist, who briefly reported the incident on his Twitter profile.

According to reports, this is not the first case of blacklist at Sony for a Quantic Dream title: the portal GameKult was blacklisted in a similar fashion at the times of Heavy Rain, for giving the game a 6/10 review.