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Sony announces PlayStation “China Hero Project” to support Chinese developers

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai has announced the program of PlayStation China Hero Project, a medium-term strategy that will enable the company to support the most talented Chinese developers, helping them to bring their projects on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and VR.

In the next few months Sony, regarding the PlayStation VR, will be rather full of appointments, also because of the release of Farpoint and Starblood Arena. The company has, however, announced a series of new titles directly from Chinese developers. These games have been completely carried out under the aegis of Sony’s China Hero Project, a program dedicated to the support of the developers of the Asian country.

The company has evaluated over 400 games in the past months, selecting the ten most deserving titles: Lost Soul Aside, The Walker, Project Boundary, War Rage, The Animal X, Project X, Tiger Knight, Pervader VR, Code: Hardcore and Kill X. The developers of these projects will receive from Sony the technical, financial and marketing support to bring their ideas on the PlayStation platforms.

The Chinese market is certainly one of the busiest in the world from the point of view of the VR, thanks to different headsets realized prototypes and the development of different technologies quota to the virtual world. Sony, proving once again careful to the world scene of the VR development, wanted to give lifeline to forge this new product.

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