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Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Pro

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In the frame of PlayStation Meeting, Andrew House, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the PlayStation Pro, the new model of the PlayStation 4. This console will be available in stores from November 10 and will cost $399 USD.


As several rumors pointed, it is a new model of PlayStation 4 gaming console with support for 4K and HDR, which will be part of this generation of consoles. Mark Cerny, manager of the architecture of the PS4, said that this is a console that seeks to bring the experience of PlayStation 4 to new levels.

To achieve this, the PlayStation 4 Pro will have a better GPU and a faster processor. Also, this version of the console will feature a 1TB hard drive. The console not only offers something for owners of a 4K TV, but also it will be a great experience for those who have HD TVs and interested in virtual reality.

Mark Cerny said the entire gameplay that Sony will show in PlayStation Meeting will be available in 4K so you can see what the games look like with the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Some games already available on PlayStation 4 will use the features of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Thus, titles like Shadow of Mordor or Infamous First Light will receive patches to look better on this console.

House reiterated that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro form a part of the same ecosystem, although the new console will offer new ways to play. That is, both platforms share community and games, although those with the PS4 Pro can enjoy better graphics.

The PlayStation 4 Neo will also feature support for streaming video in 4K. Thus, the new console will feature new applications services like Netflix and YouTube, which will offer 4K resolution content.