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Rumor: Sony Could Announce An Exclusive PS4 Title Before PS5, According to an Insider

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According to insider Benji on the ResetERA forum, Sony would still have a surprise in store with an exclusive PS4 title, in addition to the already announced Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last Of Us II.

Commenting on the absence of a Sony conference at the Paris Games Week 2018 and the cancellation of the PlayStation Experience 2018, Benji points out that the company is obviously focused on the future and has little material to show, however, there would be “an exclusive PS4 not yet announced” which at this point could be revealed in 2019.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the new title, but it seems that the project in question is not a remaster or a remake, nor a virtual reality game for PlayStation VR.

Some speculations speak of a new project by Guerrilla Games or Sony Japan Studios, however, it seems unlikely that Guerrilla is focused on PlayStation 5, according to other rumors the Dutch studio would have already received the PS5 Dev Kit and may be working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Sony Japan Studios could instead be working on Bloodborne 2, a project that has been very noisy in recent months but never officially announced. What could this be, the last First Party coming to PS4?

Of course it is not excluded that it may be a Cross-Gen product compatible with PlayStation 5, however at the moment it is only unconfirmed rumor that we invite you to take with due precautions.