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Sony Acquires New First-Party Studios for PS5

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Over the past few years, especially during the E3 course last year, Microsoft announced during its conference the acquisition of some first-party development studios. A tactic that proved to be very successful. During the course of the last conference held with its investors, the CEO of Sony Jim Ryan pointed out how important such a strategy can be.

Sony is, therefore, planning to further expand its horizons by acquiring new first-party development studios. In the past, the Japanese company preferred to open new development studios, rather than acquire some already active ones and launched in the video game development sector. In doing so, Sony will increase its internal staff, thus increasing its number of developers. The latest studio acquired by the Japanese giant that PlayStation owns was Sucker Punch in 2011, the development studio that gave birth to the famous game of inFamous franchise and currently working on the new IP called Ghost of Tsushima.

This strategy will allow the company to further expand its workforce and strengthen its internal work teams, in order to reduce development time on its franchises and ahead of the release of PlayStation 5. At the moment, unfortunately, we have no idea what studio Sony is planning to buy, or has already acquired. We hope to receive news as soon as possible, perhaps during one of its State of Play. In its latest State of Play dedicated to the PlayStation world, the Japanese company presented new games including the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and MediEvil as well as some new IPs.

Sony continues to expand its horizons thanks to the new PlayStation Production, a production studio. What do you think of the strategy that Sony wants to continue to go with? Do you agree with what was stated?