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Sony Acquires One or More Development Studios, According to an Insider

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Although Sony and PlayStation will not be present at the upcoming Los Angeles event, even in the period of E3 2019 the Japanese company manages to talk about itself. According to one insider in particular, in fact, the Japanese publisher would have decided to respond with the same card to Microsoft and to its aggressive software house acquisition policy.

The well-known insider Tidux put this rumor around, which more than once anticipated interesting and expected announcements. We of course invite you to take this information with due precautions, since it is an indiscretion, mostly from an insider, and it is therefore not guaranteed that Sony has really decided to take this expensive road.

The post on the user’s Twitter profile is very lacking in information and only shows a photo and a hashtag. But the message is definitely unequivocal: according to Tidux, Sony is preparing to announce several acquisitions. Unfortunately, there are no mentions of any software houses.

Some of the most eligible candidates are Kojima Productions and Insomniac Games, a software house that has always been historically close to Sony, except for the excellent Sunset Overdrive. Furthermore, surprise announcements are not excluded, and therefore difficult to predict at the present time.

What do you think of this news, do you really think Sony has acquired new software houses? Tell us about your opinions in the comments below.