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Sony Interested in Acquiring Asian Studios

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Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Interactive Entertainment comments on the possibility of acquiring Asian Studios to have a presence in the markets where other productions do not arrive.

Sony would be interested in expanding its offer for the Asian market with the acquisition of studios from the continent, as revealed by Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios in an interview with GAME Watch.

Yoshida comments on the option of having Asian Studios- for example, South Korea or China – to have a presence in markets where Japanese, European or American productions do not arrive.

“SIE Worldwide Studios is also a studio that plays a role in creating and deploying games in earnest as a publisher, and I think it’s rare in the world for developers from Japan, the US, and Europe to participate,” Yoshida said, via ResetEra. “There is a possibility that Asian developers may join us in the future, and when that happens, we are starting to think that it would be interesting to think about creating games for the Asian market as well,” he further commented.

Sony has supported a multitude of independent studios in China with its PlayStation China Hero Project, which includes projects such as Lost Soul Aside, Pervader and Project Boundary. This year there were new games among which we found FIST, AI-LIMIT or Convallaria.

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