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Sony Wants To Launch More Than 100 Games for PlayStation VR Before 2019

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It is not a secret that Sony sees virtual reality as an important part of its business in the world of video games. If for any reason you have any doubt about this, we believe that you will be convinced to know that the company wants to launch more than 100 titles for PlayStation VR before 2019.

In a statement sent to Nikkei, Sony Interactive Entertainment mentioned that it expects that, before the end of 2018, the catalog of its virtual reality device will increase from 150 games to 280 titles. That is to say, if we estimate that in the course of this year it will reach 130 games for PlayStation VR.

The figure they want to reach is two million viewers in the market. This, according to the manufacturer, would greatly help independent developers who want to create new games or have new proposals for the video game industry to grow.

Currently, there are already many companies that are modifying their games for this technology. Bethesda is one of the most enthusiastic on the market but Resident Evil VII was the most shocking title of this new headset.

Undoubtedly, this increase in the production of virtual reality titles is due to the growing popularity of the headset. In case you do not know, last year the PlayStation VR debuted in new markets and with that surpassed the mark of 2 million units sold.

This news comes a few days after analysts mentioned that Sony will focus on increasing the reach of its virtual reality device. Also, remember that the company recently mentioned that it is working on new AAA productions for PlayStation VR.

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